Swim Therapy

kitMovement is vital for every animal. It strengthens muscles, increases range of motion, and moves important fluids in the body among a few benefits. But at times, movement on land is restricted due to injury, surgery, or age. Swim therapy offers non-weight bearing exercise allowing your dog to move in a low impact environment. Even dogs who can no longer walk, benefit greatly from being in the pool.

Each session of swim therapy is tailored to the dog’s specific needs — recovery from knee or back surgery, relief from arthritis due to previous injury, surgery, or age, and strength-building exercise for dogs who have lost muscle tone — under the guidance of a swim therapist.

Since 2010, Gretchen has worked as a swim therapist in a variety of pools. Currently, Triple Dog Pet Therapies works out of two local pools — Aqua Dog Spa in Kent and Splash Dog Spa in Edmonds.

You can book online at each site, requesting Gretchen as your massage therapist or work with one of the other amazing swim therapists — Cindy at Aqua Dog or J Linn or Leigh Anne at Splash Dog.

Aqua Dog Spa 

Services are offered by Triple Dog every Sunday and every other Wednesday.


$90 for 60 minute swim therapy session (includes massage/acupressure in the pool as needed) — paypal.me/tripledog

5 x 60 minute swim therapy session is $425 ($25 savings) — paypal.me/tripledog

$50 for 30 min swim therapy session (includes massage/acupressure in the pool as needed) — paypal.me/tripledog

5 x 30 minute swim therapy session is $225 ($25 savings) — paypal.me/tripledog

Please schedule online at Aqua Dog Spa or contact Triple Dog to schedule an appointment:

gretchen@tripledogpetservices.com or 206-755-3119G

You can pay via check, cash, or using our Pay Pal account — paypal.me/tripledog – at the time of service. 

Splash Dog Spa

Gretchen works as an independent contractor at Splash Dog and is on the schedule for Saturday afternoons/evenings and Monday afternoons/evenings

Pricing/Services – Please check the Splash Dog Spa pricing page for services and costs.

Please schedule online at Splash Dog Spa or contact Triple Dog to schedule an appointment —

gretchen@tripledogpetservices.com or 206-755-3119

Payment is made at time of service at the Splash Dog pool.

Benefits of Swim Therapy

  • Builds muscle mass and tone
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Builds endurance and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Provides no-impact, non-weight-bearing exercise
  • Improves circulation
  • Provides exercise for pre or post-surgery
  • Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness
  • Provides greater joint flexibility and increases range of motion
  • Improves proprioception
  • Builds confidence