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Triple Dog began in 2008 as a dog walking service simply because Gretchen (the human) wanted to spend more time with Rubin (the dog) doing what they loved — going on adventures in the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest.

Over the years, the business has grown to encompass not only dog walking, but pet sitting, small animal massage, and swim therapy (mostly Gretchen’s job).  Oh yes, and stories. Lots and lots of stories. And photographs too (mostly Rubin’s job…well, the writing, not the photographs). You can read all about our adventures on our blog — Wags ‘n Words.

Our goal is simple: To help your dog live a healthy life through daily exercise, focused body work, and canine (and human) companionship. If your dog needs a walk in the middle of the day, some loving care while you’re away, or some therapeutic swimming and massage you’ve come to the right place. Begin here exploring our services by clicking on a photo above. We’d love for your dog to become a part of our Healthy Pack and share their Happy Tales!

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