Our animal companions often struggle with many of the same issues we do — allergies, GI upsets, chronic pain, arthritis, mobility issues, and recovering from surgery. Just as humans seek relief through a variety of bodywork modalities, dogs and cats benefit as well. Easing stiffness, increasing muscle tone, improving mobility, and overall wellness are all the goals of Triple Dog Pet Therapies.

In addition to being a Washington State licensed small animal massage practitioner and swim therapist since 2010, Gretchen earned her small animal acupressure certification in 2013 and is continuing her studies in Cranial/Sacral therapy and Harmonics (tuning forks).

Gretchen Dietz (SAMP) offers three healing therapies for your animal companion — licensed small animal massage, acupressure, and swim therapy — tailoring and combining modalities to meet your animal’s specific needs. Since 2010, Gretchen has worked with a variety of dog and cat clients in and out of the pool. Whether it’s in your home or in the pool, she is committed to providing quality therapeutic services for your animal companion.

The goal of Triple Dog Pet Therapies  is to help your dog (and cat!) live a healthy life through focused body work. Contact Gretchen today to set up an initial session or to discuss which options would work best for your beloved companion.

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Swim Therapy
Swim Therapy

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